A Statement of Protest against the Putin’s Russian Military Raid on Ukraine

The large-scale military raid on Ukraine by the V. Putin’s Russia, which began on February 24, 2022, is a one-sided abuse of state military power. Their inhumane brutal warfare and violence on Ukrainian people must be never acceptable in the light of humanity. We strongly protest against them and urge the immediate cease of all warfare by the Russian military forces and their full withdrawal from Ukraine. We clamor for non-military resolutions of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, with expressing a broad solidarity with the people of the world who oppose this invasion, and strongly call on the people of Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia, in particular, to work together beyond differences in nationality, religion, and ethnicity. We also strongly oppose to any discrimination and oppression against people from the countries involved in the invasion.

We are also determined to promote academic multifaceted elucidation of the causes and historical background that brought about this conflict in the JSPE, as a comprehensive academic society of political economy that addresses a wide range of issues from basic theory to the actual problems of modern capitalism.

March 27, 2022

Tetsuji Kawamura, President/Chairman and the concerned members of the Board of Directors of the Japan Society of Political Economy: Hideto Akashi, Mariko Adachi, Aki Aneha, Takehiko Ikegami, Hiroyuki Uni, Kei Ehara, Hiromi Okabe, Shuji Ozawa, Michiaki Obata, Kazuhiro Kurose, Ryuji Sasaki, Masashi Shimizu, Kouji Daikoku, Haruo Takeuchi, Shiro Tanaka, Hideaki Tanaka, Naoki Nabeshima, Takeo HidaiKen Hirano, Minoru Fujita, Masashi Morioka, Tadashi Matsuo, Akira MatsumotoYuuki Mizoguchi, Kazutoshi MiyazawaNobuyuki Yoshimura, Mitsugu Yoneda.

A Statement of Protest against the Putin?s R ussian Military Raid on Ukraine (final1).pdf