Joint Project of Seven Related Academic Societies in Japan: K. Marx in the 21st Century, Proceedings, Vol.1

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2017 Symposium on the 150th Anniversary of K. Marx’s Capital (2017.9.16)

Michiaki Obata (Japan Society of Political Economy)

 How Marx’s Capital has been re-read in the process of the Capitalistic Development? 31

Satoshi Matsui (The Japanese Society for the History of Economic Thought)

“The Shortening of the Working Day” in Marx’s Capital and Labor as Human Essence 61

Hiroshi Uchida (The Society for History of Social Thoughts)

Marx’s Capital in the light of the comparative modern history 99

Tomonaga Tairako (Japan Society for the Study of Materialism)

Reification-Thingification and Alienation: basic concepts of Marx’s critique of political economy and practical materialism 146

Koji Morioka (The Institute for Fundamental Political Economy)

Working Hours in Contemporary Japan in the Context of Marx’s Capital 224

Masayoshi Tatebe (Japan Society for the Study of Credit Theory)

The global financial crisis as a world great depression: An analysis using Marxian economics 249

Kenji Mori (Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Marx-Engels-Forscher, Japan)

Marx’s Original 6-Sector Model of Monetary Circuit 259

Timm Graßmann

The MEGA and Marx’s Studies of 19th Century Economic Crises 281

Discussion 304

2018 International Symposium of the 200th Anniversary of the Birth of K. Marx (2018.12.22-23)

Plenary Session

Izumi Omura & Shunichi Kubo

‘The Materialist Conception of History’ and MEGA I/5(The German Ideology)

Yukihiko Maehata

Virtual Currency and Marxist Monetary Theory: Ideal Money and Real Money

Tetsuji Kawamura

Global Capitalism and the Stages Theory–Theory and Methodology of Analysis of the Global Financial Crisis in the late 2000s–

Kunihiko Uemura

Marx on the veiled slavery

Yoshiki Ota

The theory of revolution of K. Marx’s own and Marxism ― from a perspective of the revolutionary force: development? or distortion?