Joint Project of Seven Related Academic Societies in Japan: K. Marx in the 21st Century, Proceedings, Vol.2

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2018 International Symposium of the 200th Anniversary of the Birth of K. Marx (2018.12.22-23)

English Sessions

Series A: Economic Theory of Marx

Session A-1: Marx in the History of Economic Thought

Kiichiro Yagi

 Marx’s Theory of Capital in the History of Economics: Marx, Classical School, Austrians, and Growth Theory 1

Gong Hoe Gimm

 Beyond the Ricardian Framework: An Outline of the Theory of International Economic Relations based upon Marx’s Value Theory

Masaaki Yoshida

 From G-W-G’ to Economic Table in the 21st Century

Bertram Schefold

 The Transformation of Values into Prices on the Basis of Random Systems Revisited 25

Motohiro Okada

 Marx’s Anti-Neoclassicist Views on Labour Exchange: Another Possibility of the Labour Power–Labour Distinction Implied in His Drafts 57

Nikolay Nenovsky

 Money as a Coordination of Commodity Economy. “Monetary” Marxists in Russia and France 73

Session A-2: Value and Transformation Problem

Fred Moseley

Money and Totality: A Macro-Monetary Interpretation of Marx’s Logic in Capital and the End of the “Transformation Problem” 125

Makoto Itoh

Marx’s Value Theory and the Transformation Problem Revisited – Commenting on Fred Moseley’s Macro Monetary Interpretation 162

Ryuji Sasaki

Rethinking the Theory of Price of Production through a Study on the Manuscript of Capital

Sousuke Morimoto

Marx’s Theory of the Circuit of Capital and the Transformation: Commenting on Fred Moseley’s Macro-Monetary Interpretation 176

Nobuyuki Yoshimura

Recent Trends in Value Theory

Session A-3: Value and Money (1)

Kiyoshi Nagatani

Value-Form and the Mystery of Money 184

Uros Kranjc

Value Form, Subtractive Structure and Implied Temporality 203

Masao Ishikura

Marx’s Theory of Value Form and its Contribution to Understanding Price Mechanism 222

Session A-4: Value and Money (2)

Hiroshi Onishi

A Proof of Labor Theory of Value based on Marginalist Principle 240

Carolina Alves

Revisitng Social Class and Class Antangism in the Poverty of Philosophy

Enfu Cheng

Leading Ideas of Chinese Model: Marxism in Chinese Mode, and “Two Economic Miracles” of New China 250

Alberto Handfas

A Marxian Inflation Theory: Empirical Investigations on Demand-Pull, Supply-Resistance Models 270

Rolf Hecker

Marx’s Critique of Capitalism: On the Final of the Second Section of MEGA 307

Alan Freeman

Marx, Value and Class 313

Series B: Marx’s Actuality: Past and Present

Session B-1: Another Marx

Marcello Musto, Tomonaga Tairako, Shuji Kamioka

Review on Musto’s Another Marx

Session B-2: Marx in the History

Daniel Frazer

Between Trauma and Transformation: Plasticity and the Dynamics of the Class Relation 330

Dongha Yang

A Western Resurgence of Reading “The Communist Manifesto” 369

Faruk Eray Düzenli

Marx’s afterlives: a Spectre Haunting… 387

Session B-3: Marx’s Criticism of Culture and Society

Jiankun Gao

The Impacts of China’s Manufacturing Industrial Intellectualization on the Employment Status

Frédéric Monferrand

Abstract domination? On some difficulties of a critical concept

Hidetomo Takahei

Capability of Co-operation, Automatic Machinery and Moral Depreciation —Reflections from Part 4 of Capital related to the Fukushima Disaster Complex— 406

Gian Giacomo Cavicchioli

The Science of “Capital” and the Party. Marx and the English Trade Unionists in the 1860s and 1870s 411

Session B-4: Cultural Criticism

Bartosz Mika

Dialectic of Knowledge – Contribution to the Theory of Knowledge in Advanced Capitalism 428

Juliette Farjat

Marx and Language. How to Criticize Language While Using It ? 450

Session B-5: Marx in the 21st Century

David M. Kotz

Economic Crisis and Transformation of the State: The Roots of Authoritarian Right-Wing Nationalism

Radhika Desai

Karl Marx, the Nation-State and the Evolving Geopolitical Economy of Capitalism

Richard Westra

Socialism in 21st Century

Junji Tokunaga

U.S.Dollar-Based Financilization: An Analysis of Global Money Capital