Joint Project of Seven Related Academic Societies in Japan: K. Marx in the 21st Century, Proceedings, Vol.3

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2018 International Symposium of the 200th Anniversary of the Birth of K. Marx (2018.12.22-23)

Japanese Sessions

Series C: Historical and Contemporary Issues of K. Marx’s Theory and Thought

Session C-1

Yufei Zhou

Weimar Germany’s Proletarian Theater in Japan

– with a Focus on the Reception History of Karl August Wittfogel’s Drama

Qinglin Liu

Selection and Interpretation of Knowledge:

a Study on Chinese Versions of Japanese Books on Marx and His Theory at the begining of the 20th Century

Session C-2

Yukihiro Yamamoto

Henri Lefebvre’s Reading of Marx as Retrospective Method of Thinking

Baku Momoki

Historical Specificity of Abstract Labor:Marx, Faucault and Arendt

Session C-3

Shizuku Aoyama

Labor Theory of Value in the Era of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics―Is a Pure AI Capitalisms Possible?

Kei Ehara

Capital and “Financialisation”

Session C-4

Tomoki Hirase

Crisis and Cumulative Process

Hiroyuki Abe

Capitalism and Medical Service:Based on Marx’s Theory

Tadashi Sanaka

An original “δ‐χ model” for the Expansion of the Tendency of Profit Rate

Masashi Morioka

Reconsideration on the Marxian Theory Price and Distribution

Session C-5

Hideto Akashi

Manifesto of the Communist Party and Political Movement towards Post-capitalism

Soichiro Sumida

The Political Form of Association: The Possibility and Limitation of “the Social State”

Session C-6

Isao Nagasihma

Marx’s practical philosophy of historical materialism today

Shigehiro Naruse

Marxian theory of international trade: theory of international value and unequal exchange- beyond the terms of trade theory

Session C-7

Makoto Takada

Reification of capital and cultivation of labourer

Hiroaki Satake

The two themes in “The Capital” and “the material conditions of the dissolve of the capitalist relations”

Session C-8

Kohei Saito

Rethinking Money: Challenges from Graeber’s “Debt” (1)

Taizo Yamamoto

Rethinking Money: Challenges from Graeber’s “Debt” (2)

Takashi Sakai

Rethinking Money: Challenges from Graeber’s “Debt” (3)